Join the Concert Band

The Band Course is designed to give musicians the opportunity to play in an ensemble.

Practicing at home is not like playing with other musicians, therefore we offer our student a course to gain the skills to play in a band with confidence.  Tuning, phrasing, maitenance  of instruments, playing in a section , basic theory, dynamics, improving your sight reading.

The course will help students  to develop an understanding and appreciation of music.  Performing as a team and the discipline it requires to achieve this will be an important element to success as a musician.

If you play a woodwind, brass, keyboard, drums or percussion instrument this is the course for you.

We guarantee to make you a better musician in a very short time.   Your mastery of your instrument will improve and so will your ensemble playing skills.   If you need individual tuition to raise the standard of your playing we have specialist teachers at our music school for every musical instrument.

Need to hire an instrument ?
We provide a rental service for most instruments.

Instrument servicing needed?
Our workshop can help with any adjustments or repairs.

Band course fees      $15 per hour.

“We’ll  make a better musician of you”.

Interested in our Contemporary Rock Band Course?

Find out more here…

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