Where is your studio located ?

Our studio is conviently located in Castle Hill’s main street close to public transport and with free parking nearby.

What are your hours ?

Weekdays  3.30pm  to  8.00pm.
Saturdays  8.30am  to   3.00pm.

I don’t have a musical instrument. Can I buy or rent from you ?

Yes, we can supply you with any instrument from our shop or hire you one at competivive rates.

What are your fees for piano lessons ?

All our lessons are $35 per half hour and $70 per hour irrespective of your grade or type of instrument.

Can I study for AMEB exams at your studio ?

Yes, we can assign a teacher to you specifically to assist in bringing a good result.

I am a jazz player wanting to improve my playing.

Castle Hill Music School has it’s own student jazz band.  ”The Yellow Taxi Jazz Band” meets every week.  Principal Don Shields directs this big band  and guarantees to improve  your jazz playing skills in a very short time.  Special attention is paid to section playing, articulation, intonation and improvisation skills.

Do you run classes or are the lessons individual ?

All lessons are individual.  For the best results and to help you attain your maximum potential this is the only way to go.

How quickly will I learn?

Everyone is different. Some learn quicker than others.  There are three important elements  that will assist you.  Have a good quality instrument. Practice what your teacher gives you. Set aside a time to have quality practice time most days.

How can I pay my tuition fees?

Fees are payable a term in advance or part thereof.  We accept all major credit cards, cheque, cash or direct debit.

I’m serious about my playing and want to make a career of it. Can you help me ?

You’ve come to the right place.  Our principal  Don Shields has always said  ”students come to us when they are serious about their playing”.

Don has been a long time in the music business as  a pro musician, retailer and teacher. He chooses his staff carefully. Only those with a real passion and an desire to reach the top work for him.  His door is always open to help and give advice to aspiring musicians.

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