Guitar lessons

Castle Hill Music School is the Hill’s Shire’s premier music school.  Our guitar teachers can unlock thbend guitar is not difficult,it just takes patience, perserverance and the correct type of tuition.  At Castle Hill Music School our tutors will pass on to you the musical skill they have taken years to master.

The only way to become proficient on the guitar is to play as often as possible.    Always leave your guitar out of it’s case

ready to play. You may only have time to practice for a few minutes but as long as it is “quality” practice it all helps.

At Castle Hill Music School” we will give you some practice tips to help you achieve  good results.

Do you want to learn these techniques:- tapping, pull-of, slide, hammer-on, palm mute, vibrato, bend release, natural harmonic, pinch harmonic.  Castle Hill Music Music School can teach you these techniques.

You want to improvise !  Castle Hill Music School will show the way to play amazing improvised solos.

Pentatonic, modal , intervalic , scaleic, solo over minor chords. Together with your picking skills you will be able to

play improvised solos others will want to copy.   Castle Hill Music School is the Hills Shire premier music school .

Run by musicians for musicians.   Don Shields’ staff of teachers are selected for their musical knowledge and ability to

pass this on to the Hills Shire music students.

Children, adults, beginners ,  advanced students all for the same low fee of $30 per half hour.

Castle Hill Music School teaches all musical styles.  Rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz and classical.

Don’t have a guitar ?  Castle Hill Music School have a retail shop and can hire or sell you a guitar at the best price around.  

Pay for two terms in advance and Castle HIll Music School will sell you a guitar package for just $5.00.  You will get a full size guitar complete with gig bag, picks, built in electronic tuner and guitar stand.  TOTAL VALUE  $144.00. This is a great deal for a limited time.

Tuition Fees      $35 per half hour.

We’ll make a better musician of you”.

Want to learn how to play in a band ?

At Castle Hill Music School we have a new music course for the contemporary musician.   Guitarists,

bass players, drummers, singers. This course is about how to form your own group.  Covers, originals,

having the right musicians, repetoire,  demos, rehearsal skills and technical advice.

Enrol now for the new term.

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