Saxophone lessons

Soprano, alto, tenor or baritone saxophone.  It doesn,t matter which one you need music lessons for .

Our specialist tutors can put onto the musical road to success.   Castle Hill Music School principal Don Shields has been in the music

business for many years.   Our beginner sax lessons will focus on these basics.    Embrouchure development, choice of

correct mouthpiece and reed, posture, air support and breathing technique, reading music and articulation of music notes, intonation, interval training , altimisso playing, and vibrato.

We will also assist you to establish a good practice routine.

To advance your saxophone playing skills you can join our band course and develop the skills required to make music in an ensemble.   This  course is both very enjoyable and rewarding to the up and coming musician.

If you don’t have a musical instrument we can hire you one at low cost with an option to purchase.

Our individual lessons are $35 / half hour. The most competive in the area but with qualified teachers.

Tuition fees  $35 per half hour.

Band course  $15 per hour.

We’ll make a better musician of you”.

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